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David Lange passed away last night.

Cam sent me this transcript of his Oxford Union Debate from 1985 that I thought I'd share here.

A witty, well-spoken, passionate politician, he will be missed.
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I have no idea who Tucker Carlson is but after reading this, I have come to the conclusion that he is a fuckwit.

i'm bored

Jul. 29th, 2005 01:47 pm
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... and have nothing to do at work. But I don't really have much to post about.

Adding to OTP, another icon annoyance: "beauty in the breakdown". Because nothing says beautiful like a picture of a crying girl. [sarcasm]Crying is awesome! I wish my life was that angsty![/sarcasm] Honestly, I like a good angsty icon - but that line is so overused, it's a cliché.

Winston Peters is a fucking moron, but most of us in NZ already know that. Stop trying to scare old people into voting for you, man! Four years ago it was the insidious Chinese culture. Now it's the evil Muslim plot to blow up the local KFC.

I was kind of hoping for Summer Glau to get the role of Kitty Pryde but this girl looks alright (aside from her somewhat scary forehead). I have to say, I have very, very low expectations for this film. Which I find rather sad. :(

The new Serenity poster is nice. But it looks more like a book cover, than a movie poster to me. Still - it's better than the previous one. And I still don't like the font.
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I haven't said anything about the death of Pope John Paul II yet. I thought I'd just put up this link.

And I'd like to say that, as an extremely lapsed Catholic, while he might still have carried around some sadly outdated ideals, I believe he was still one of the most progressive and humanitarian Popes ever to emerge from Vatican City.
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link spam

Nov. 24th, 2004 08:43 am
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myths of homeless children - very interesting

real hamster - what's hilarious (and scary) is that there's got to be some sick fucks out there that would take this seriously

American Coup II - some very interesting articles to ponder

change to Serenity release date - this made me very, very sad

ETA:I've known this for ages
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I've refrained from talking about the US election (mostly 'cause I didn't want to get reamed for being a non-American, and having an opinion on the appointment of an influential world leader) until now.

The majority of the people on livejournal appear to be pro-Kerry (or, possibly more accurately, anti-Bush). Well, Bush won. Get over it. Your country has never been so galvanised to vote in an election before. Now it's time for you to take a more active role in politics. And, no, putting your shoes on and heading to the nearest polling station isn't the limit to being politically active.

I can't claim to be all that knowledgable on how national or state politics works - but there must be a way for you to become more involved in your government - petitions, providing support to your favoured political party, hell - even letter writing to your local governor.

Spouting venomous attacks on people who didn't vote the same way as you is futile, and, quite frankly, extremely disappointing.

If your not happy with the way things are stop whinging and start working at changing it.



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