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* watched all of season one of Battlestar Galactica in one sitting. Verdict: Awesome. Can't wait for more

* currently watching naruto. Up to episode 19. Verdict (so far): Awesome, hilarious, cute.

* starting to watch veronica mars, only up to episode 6 'cause it's kind of hard to find any at the moment. Verdict: Love it. I need more!

* trying out the free trial for City of Heroes. Verdict: Neat, but the best part is creating the costumes. :)

* recent albums bought/downloaded: Gorillaz (verdict: ok), Billy Corgan (verdict: reminds me of Adore, will grow on me, I'm sure), White Stripes (verdict: I like it, not as much as Elephant or De Stijl, but my opinion may change), Fat Freddy's Drop (verdict: definitely a lazy summer day album - best male vocalist *ever*. Sorry Che Fu.)

* saw Batman Begins today. Verdict: Awesome. Probably the best superhero origin movie ever.

* no iconning. Verdict: Catastrophe. Shall hunt for pictures to icon now.

May post again tonight if I get sufficiently bored.

Oh, look: rugby on tv. I hope the all-blacks win.


Mar. 9th, 2005 07:55 pm
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I decided to abandon all the icon contest communities I'd joined. I just don't feel like doing them anymore, they kind of suck the joy out of iconning for me. Especially when all the samey-looking icons always win the top spots.

Anyway, some icons I made. For fun.


sixteen random fandom icons )



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