sparkz0r: shiina ringo (naruto : rock lee is faster than me)
We went to Armageddon this weekend. We spent about 3 hours wandering around looking at everything. I found a few old, reasonably priced X-Men & New Mutants comics & I got Batman Begins at a decent price as well. Also found a little stand tucked away in a corner that was full of rubbishy trinkets - which held a whole lot of Naruto merchandise. We bought a set of cute Naruto key chains. I now have my keys hanging off the adorable Rock Lee. Cam chose to put Sasuke & the abominable Gaara on his keys. He also bought himself a couple of cool Voltron t-shirts & a really nice poster of Japanese-style waves. I also managed to scab a free Serenity poster from a dude at a movie stall. It was a pretty good day. :)

I've made a few Veronica Mars icons. I've been stuck for text on a lot of my icons lately, but I think I'm starting to like textless icons a lot more. You can say a lot with cropping & colour.


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