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SHOES - Angel, Season One, Ensemble, Gen, G
"Shoes!" Doyle gasped in pain.

"Shoes?" Cordelia perked up.

"Black. Leather. With red soles. Ridiculously high heels."

"Louboutins?" Cordelia's eyes lit up. "She was wearing Louboutins? Awesome! We save her, she gives us bags of money."

"Nice thought, but the girl with the shoes is our vampire."

Cordelia sank back in her chair.

"Well, let's go kill her," Angel led Doyle out of the office.

Cordelia pouted at her five dollar shoes & sighed, "Louboutins."

They returned an hour later. Angel disappeared into his office. Doyle sauntered up to Cordelia's desk with his hands behind his back & a boyish grin on his face.

"I take it things went well," Cordelia glanced up.

"You might say that," Doyle smiled.

"If that's her head behind your back, I'll kill you myself," Cordelia warned.

"She's dust. So, no head - quite the opposite actually." With a flourish, Doyle placed a pair of dusty Louboutins on the desk.

With an ear-piercing scream, Cordelia launched herself across the desk & into Doyle's arms.

Cordelia scooped up the shoes. "But how? Shouldn't they be dust?"

"I punched her." Angel emerged from his office, pulling a shirt over his head.

"Right out of her fancy shoes," Doyle added.

Cordelia pulled Angel into a hug. "You're the best!"

"Um, Okay," said Angel, patting her awkwardly on the back.

Pulling back, she kicked off her old shoes & slipped the new heels on her feet. She twirled on the spot, sighing happily.


Living Conditions - BtVS/Angel, Post-series, Connor/Dawn, PG
After 8 months of dating, Connor asks her to move in with him. He has a shoebox-sized apartment off campus, but it's still bigger than the closet she's had to share with a roommate.

Dawn Summers snores in her sleep. She talks, flails her arms, & grinds her teeth. Luckily sleep is low on Connor's list of priorities. He watches her wake in the mornings. Her hair is a wild tangle & she smiles up at him brightly. "I love your bed. How'd you sleep?" He just smiles & offers to make pancakes.

With post-grad studies he needs space & quiet to study. His desk is off-limits - it's tidy, clean & the only free space in the apartment. Her books are everywhere, piled high on the floor or scattered across their bed. Her clothes cover every square inch of floor. He sends her into fits of laughter once after tripping on a pair of her fluorescent green panties.

As a result, she can never find anything. He makes a note of everything she drops when she walks in the door; books, bags, & clothing. From the moment she gets up in the morning, she is constantly questing their tiny apartment for her things. He can tell her without raising his head where to find what she wants. "Is that one of your vampire-kid super-powers?" "I don't know, is being a pain in my ass a mystical key thing?" She finishes knotting her scarf & laughs. "Of course."

After her third attempt at making experimental cookies, Dawn is no longer allowed near the oven unsupervised. She sits at their tiny kitchen table & pouts while he tries to air out the apartment. In an attempt to cheer her up, he dons her apron & makes a batch of his mom's famous chocolate fudge brownies. "Nice look," she grins around a mouthful of cookie. He smooths down the front of the frilly pink apron. "I'm secure enough in my manliness to wear it." "I'm not sure I am," she takes his hand & leads him out of the kitchen. "I think you need to take me to bed & show me." They make it as far as the couch.

Family can make a person neurotic, Connor, of all people, knows this well. For once the apartment is clean & tidy. Not a single item of clothing disgraces their newly cleaned floors. He watches Dawn fuss with her hair in the bathroom mirror. "It's going to be fine. She's just you're sister." "No, she's the Slayer. Oh God, she can smell the supernatural from a mile away. She's going to know who you are. She'll figure it out!" "Well, she's going to find out one day that I'm her ex-boyfriend's son." "Can't we make that way, way in the future? Like... I don't know, our wedding day?" The way she says it so matter-of-factly makes him feel ridiculously warm inside. "Fine, you can whisper it to her before she walks you down the aisle." Dawn stops what she's doing & smiles at him shyly. "Deal."



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