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Untitled Short Fic - Buffy; Season Two; G
Written for the 'Thanksgiving' challenge at [ profile] whedonland

The porcelain doll was irresistible to her. It sat in shallow puddle of water, dropped & forgotten. Annabel knew she was supposed to wait at the swings for her mother, but she'd waited so long & the call was too great.

She picked the doll up and wrung out it's soaking ringlets. Turning it over, her brow wrinkled when she saw the satin ribbon tied over the doll's mouth. It's eyes has been smashed. It reminded the eight-year-old of the horrible injustice of her brother tearing the head off her favourite Barbie. Stupid Mikey.

Something moved in the brush near the edge of the park. Clutching the doll closer, Annabel called out, "Mom? Mommy?"

"All lost and alone." A gaunt looking woman emerged from the shadows. Her eyes fixed on the doll in Annabel's arms. "And you found each other! Miss Edith! Leading a poor girl astray."

The strange woman held her hands out for the doll. Annabel cautiously stretched her arm out, but the woman merely took the doll from her and began running her hand through it's hair. "Thank you, dearie."

Her dark red lips stretched into smile that seemed almost obscene.

Annabel took a step backwards. "I- I'm just waiting for my mom."

"A lady with lovely blue eyes & pretty blonde curls like yours?"


"We just had a lovely chat, my sweet," The woman's smile seemed less threatening now. "I can take you to her if you like, she seemed a bit out of sorts when I left her."

Annabel glanced around the park. It was fully dark now, & the lady wasn't as mean as she'd thought, she certainly hadn't yelled at her for picking up her doll. "Yes, please."

As Annabel slipped her hand in to the woman's cold grasp, she felt a surge of gratitude. Thankful for a kind stranger on a dark night.

Firefly Wallpaper
for the episode Trash

Buffy Icons

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