Dec. 31st, 2015 01:08 pm
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Just ignore this post, it's my place for any [ profile] whedonland banners I've earned.

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(And when you do join, mention my name!)
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We're in the middle of a secret gift-giving at [ profile] whedonland at the moment & mine was revealed yesterday, so I thought I'd share it with everyone. I put together some Spike/Buffy goodies for [ profile] appleautumn. I'm not the biggest Spike/Buffy fan but I had a lot of fun doing this & I think it came out pretty well.


1680x1050px • 1280x1024px

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This is mostly season six with a little season seven. The files are all mp3 - I had to split the zip files because it was a little too big for mediafire.

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More stuff from [ profile] whedonland (which everyone must join & sign up for Team Buffy!).

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And a little drabble:
Season 5, Post "Tough Love"
Rating: G
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And that's it.
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Things I have made recently:

Re-worked my Chloe fanmix for the bajillionth time (now includes bonus tinhat Chlark ep)

Made some motivational Chloe posters and a few season one gifs.

And I made a couple of Wanted posters for a contest at [ profile] whedonland. Alas, neither of them won:

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So, I joined [ profile] whedonland this week. I'm team Buffy! :) I highly recommend joining if you have the time to spare. It looks like it's going to be good fun, but I think you need to be willing to commit at least a couple of hours each week for the challenges & games.

At the moment there's a non-points earning challenge - 6 word fic. I thought I'd share what I've written so far.

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