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Preacher on HBO

It's Preacher! (yay!)
On TV! (nay!)
But HBO! (yay!)
But TV! (nay!)

This could be good. And it could be very, very bad. :/

I just want to see Arseface! I hope they provide sub-titles.
Oh, and Cassidy must be a completely lovable/hateable bastard.

I'm getting excited already, damn it.
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So the new seasons of TV have started to pop up here recently. I thought I'd grade what I've seen so far.

Bones: D (I could only watch the first 15 minutes... that was enough for me)
Everybody Hates Chris: B+
My Name Is Earl: B
Lost (season 2): A (granted, I've only seen the opening episode so far, but it was good :) )

I'm very disappointed in TV3. They tricked me on Sunday night by promising me new episodes of Arrested Development. But they were only playing the tail end of season one. I've almost worn out my season one dvds. I want season two now! Dammit! >:[

And now I'm going to take my lunchbreak & buy my Serenity dvd. Hooray! :)



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