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This will probably only interest me.

Medium: Books
Fandom: The Changeover
Subject: Sorry/Chant
Title: Expectations

'You really do think you're terrific, don't you?' Laura said with a faint grin. 'Someone has to,' Sorry replied. )
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Okay, so I still haven't finished reading Twilight. I'm resolute in my desire to do so, but I'm feeling so very meh about it. Especially since I re-read The Changeover last weekend and Edward Cullen reads like a pale imitation of Sorry Carlisle (and don't get me started on how many ways Laura Chant could kick Bella Swan's arse).

Sorry may not sparkle, but I think pulling birds out of thin air is way cooler. :P

Also, say I was wanting to make a graphic for a Sorry/Chant fanmix but couldn't think of a suitable real world equivalent for Sorry (cute, blonde guy in his late teens/early twenties), who would you suggest? Please help! I'm drawing a blank on cute blonde celebrities.



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