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Cam sent these photos to me today at work.

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After two months Gomez has had the brace taken off his back leg! It's still very weak because a lot of the muscle has wasted away over the past two months, but he's hobbling around much better than he did before. :)

And some icons:

30 icons - veronica mars, firefly, spirited away )

Also finally finished reading Half-Blood Prince this morning. All I shall say is that I enjoyed it greatly. I'll let everyone else on the 'net go apeshit over it. :P

long day

May. 24th, 2005 10:02 pm
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Took the day off work so we could clear out our computer room for gomez to have all to himself. Our computers are now in the living room which is kind of cool, but the house is a bit of a mess.

We brought gomez home. They were able to save his leg. But he has a metal rod that's tied to his bones & fixed with metal pins & a big ugly brace. It looks painful as hell - but he's on some major painkillers that have him petty doped up. We moved all the furniture from the room because we are under strict instrucions not to let him jump. Also, no contact with other cats, so both he and peaches aren't allowed to spend time together for quite a while. He's going to have a pretty lonely couple of months.

Along with gomez we also picked up a $1900NZ vet bill. :( *sigh* I have to say, though, from seeing the before & after x-rays, they did a pretty damn good job.

Anyway, I've updated atb. New look & I put the episode guide back up.
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Our boy gomez ) came inside on Friday night with a broken leg. He's been at the vet's all weekend so they could stabilise him - he had some bleeding in his lungs & bruised kidneys. They x-rayed him this morning & his leg is broken in four places. They're operating on him right now to see if they can save his leg, but it might have to be amputated.

I can't stop thinking about him. :(


May. 18th, 2005 05:40 pm
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just picked up our tix for REVENGE. at midnight tonight cam and i will be geeking out in a major way.

after being spectacularly unenthused by the first two movies, i am so hyped up about this. probably because i hardly watch tv these days and have missed any advertising saturation.

i am not using caps at the start of my sentences because peaches is in my lap and i have to use one arm to prop her up or else she'll fall off. i'm too nice to her.

peaches says mrrrrrrrroooooowwwwwww.
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They're getting close to a year old now. I thought I'd share (spam) some pics of our babies. :)

a lot of pics. really. )
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