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Buffy the Vampire Slayer, post-series, gen, G
"Give up, knave!" Dawn ordered quickly. She pirouetted nimbly, foiling every rapier thrust he made.

"Zounds!" yelled Xander.

Buffy laughed with joy. "Annihilation is very close!"

Firefly, post-movie, gen, G
Prompt: someone completes a mailorder course on botany (It's not exactly botany, but close enough)

Zoe was spending far too much time in her quarters, at least in Kaylee's opinion. Simon gave her a handful of empty platitudes about grief while River made faces behind his back; Jayne didn't care ('She's still shootin' straight, ain't she?'); Inara & Mal were surprisingly unified in their opinions - Zoe needs time & space. Kaylee begrudgingly takes their advice. Wash is gone & there is a gaping hole in their crew. She knows that ignoring a wound like this won't help it to heal.

Kaylee bustled around the ship's galley in a futile attempt to find something appetising for the crew meal.


She turned to find Zoe standing at the bench with her hands behind her back. "Zoe, Hi!" she replied brightly.

"I have something for you," Zoe said with a smile. She pulled her hands from behind her back, revealing a medium-sized head of lettuce & half a dozen cherry tomatoes.

"But, how-"

Zoe merely smiled again & nodded her head for Kaylee to follow.

In Zoe's quarters, Kaylee was surprised by what she found. Along one wall Zoe had set up rows of hydroponic planters full of vegetables & herbs. Kaylee ran her fingers over the labels. Lettuce. String Beans. Tomatoes. Dill. Parsley. Kaylee turned back to Zoe with a look of unadulterated curiosity.

"After Wash..." Zoe trailed off for a moment & picked up a well-thumbed book on hydroponics that had been sitting on her bed. "I just wanted something I could grow."

Angel, season 3, Angel/Cordy, G
Prompt: two people are caught wearing clothes of the opposite gender
Spoilers for Angel season 3.

Being forcibly body-swapped twice in a matter of months was almost more than Angel could bear. Of course, last time it was with a frail, old man, this time he was trapped in Cordelia's incredibly svelte body. As near as they could deduce, it was another of Wolfram & Hart's schemes gone wrong. An attempt at getting a spy into their building or something as equally ridiculous.

"Without the original spellcaster, I'm afraid this is the only way we can reverse the spell," Wesley told them without a hint of apology.

Angel glanced at Cordelia, she looked uncomfortably awkward in his body, as if she could feel every extra pound weighing her down. He hoped he didn't lurch around the way she seemed to in his skin. He also made a mental note to really do something about his hair.

Gunn was grinning widely, while Fred was chewing on her lower lip in an attempt not to smile. Cordelia sighed & gathered up the candles & bowl of magical incense. "Well, we're not doing this with an audience."

She led Angel into his office & he turned to shut the doors on his curious & amused team.

"This is just too weird," Cordelia muttered as she lit the candles & incense. "Okay, ready?"

Angel nodded & raised his hands. Cordelia stepped forward & placed her palms against his. She leaned forward, then hesitated. "No tongue," she warned him playfully.

Angel laughed & placed his mouth over hers. They closed their eyes & began to inhale & exhale in tandem. They found their rhythm quickly.

"Wow." A soft whisper broke them apart. In the doorway stood the rest of the team. "That was amazing!" exclaimed Fred.

"Nice look, Angel," Gunn laughed & Wesley joined him.

Angel looked down to see he was still wearing Cordelia's clothes & Cordelia was swimming in his own. "Out!" he barked at the others.

They quickly retreated from the office & Angel turned back to Cordelia. She was regarding him frankly. "Take off my clothes," she demanded in a breathless whisper.

Angel froze for a moment, then reached out to slip his jacket off her shoulders. She slapped his hands away.

"That's my favourite sweater, dingus! You're gonna stretch it out!"