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a short fic

Little Sister
Prompt: 'The Key was shaped into a girl and sent to a slayer to be protected. That slayer was Faith Lehane.'
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer AU
Rating: G
Notes: I wrote this a while ago & always meant to expand on it but never got around to it. I may write a few more drabbles for this AU.

At the age of five, Faith Lehane became a big sister. Her Aunt led her into the hospital room where her mother greeted her with an uncharacteristic smile. Placed on the bed by her Aunt, Faith leant over to view the squirming creature in her mother's arms. She thought it looked ugly and wrinkly. Remembering her mother's penchant for bruising pinches and cruel words, Faith decided to keep that thought to herself. Instead she sniffed the baby's head softly. She smelled strangely sweet, like a mix of talcum powder and warm milk. Faith made a mental note to push Janie Simpson over at school on Monday. Janie's stinky little brother might smell like poo, but Faith's little sister smelled like the buttermilk cookies her Aunt gave her for dessert last night.

"I'm going to call her Hope."

Faith heard her Aunt let out a huffing laugh, but ignored it as she continued to peer down at her little sister. A tiny hand reached out from under the blanket and Faith placed her finger in her soft palm. The baby opened her mouth and Faith braced herself for the inevitable squawking cries, but she simply yawned contentedly and wrapped her hand around Faith's finger.

"Hello, Hope."


The world had begun it's inevitable end in a small town in California.

Faith remembered when she first heard the name Sunnydale, how her guts churned with jealousy that some ditz called Buffy got to spend her life in a sunny little seaside town while she was stuck in her mom's trailer in Boston. Now Buffy lay broken on the ground below the tower Faith stood on. They'd fought together, and well, taking out Glory with surprising ease. But they were still too late.

"Faith," her sister cried softly into her shoulder.

"I told her." Faith watched as Buffy's friends gathered around her body. "I told her I'd do it," she whispered.

Thunder boomed all around them & lightning rent the skies over Sunnydale. Despite the approaching dawn, the sky seemed to grow blacker. Faith & Hope watched as a dragon flew out of the portal and off into the horizon.

Giles was leading the way up the tower.

"Stay behind me."


She took her little sister's hand and squeezed it. "Don't be afraid."

Hope wiped the tears from her face and nodded.

Faith raised her sword and waited for them to come. No one else was going to touch a hair on her sister's head while she still breathed.