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Medium: Television
Fandom: Buffy The Vampire Slayer/Firefly
Subject: Buffy Summers/Jayne Cobb
Title: I Dig You
Notes: Let's get it out of the way right now: How could Buffy & Jayne ever meet? Let's say a wizard Ethan Rayne did it.

1. I Want You So Hard (Boy's Bad News) - Eagles of Death Metal
I want you so hard
I want you so good
But can you trust me?
Yes, you know you could
My friends are talkin'
And they're tellin' you
Don't waste your time 'cause the boy's bad news

2. Breathe Around You - Tanya Donelly
I live underwater and you live on the moon
You can't breathe around me and I can't breathe around you

3. I Dig You - Boss Hogg
I dig your groovy hips
I dig your barbequed lips
I dig you much and more
I dig you baby and I want you to know

4. Who Do You Love - The Jesus & Mary Chain
I walked forty-seven
miles of barbed wire
I use a cobra snake for a neck tie
I got a brand new house on the roadside
Made from rattlesnake hide
I got a brand new chimney made on top
Made out of human skull
Come on take a little walk with me
Arlene tell me who do you love?

5. Skin on Skin - Queens of the Stone Age
From the moment you said "why haven't you kissed me yet?"
I knew I'd wipe that paint from your lips
I stare the lids off your eyes, gone down on your dirty mind
& end up between your hips
Handfuls of sweat tangled hair, anytime, anywhere
I wanna lick you too much baby
I just play all alone, whispering for your moan
Forced to crawl down this line, just to touch

6. I Love Playin' With Fire - The Runaways
Acting tough with looks that kill
You got me going and I can't stand still
My arms are dying to hold ya tight
You're my little dark dynamite you know
I love playing with fire
And I don't wanna get burned
I love playing with fire
And I don't think I'll ever learn

7. Johnny Feelgood - Liz Phair
Moderation is a memory
Dive right in and let him send me
I could take this in doses large enough to kill

8. Cold Light - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Cold Light
Hot night
Be my heater be my lover
And we could do it to each other
Cold light
Hot night
Be my heater be my lover
And we could do it to each other
Go go go

9. 60 Feet Tall - The Dead Weather
You're so cruel and shameless
But I can't leave you be
You're so cold and dangerous
I can't leave you be
You got the kind of loving
I need constantly
I can take the trouble
'Cause I'm 60 feet

10. This is Love - PJ Harvey
You're the only story that I've never told
You're my dirty little secret, wanna keep you so
You're the only story that I've never been told
You're my dirty little secret, wanna keep you so

Download the whole thing.
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