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More stuff from [ profile] whedonland (which everyone must join & sign up for Team Buffy!).

I (Giles)
Blood. Death. Misery. Pain.
Fruit of a Slayer's labours.
"No. Not her." He says.
II (Buffy)
We all fight and die.
Short and pointless existence.
"No. Not me." She says.

And a little drabble:
Season 5, Post "Tough Love"
Rating: G

Tara sits quietly. It's all she really does right now. She sits & studies the whorls in the wood grain of the table top, tracing her fingers around each knothole she finds. She sits, glassy-eyed & vacant. She sits & she waits.

Willow crouches beside her. She tucks a strand of blonde hair behind her girlfriend's ear. Presses a soft kiss against her temple.

She whispers quietly into Tara's ear, almost afraid of the answer.

"Are you there?"

And that's it.
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