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[ profile] whedonland big bang part ii

97 x Dawn-related gifs + 20 alternates
(I may have gone overboard.)

5.02 The Real Me
"Can we go now?" | with text
"Exclamation point. Exclamation point. Exclamation point." | with text
Watching Buffy & Riley kiss is gross.
Little dork. ♥

5.04 Out of My Mind
Dawn is freaked out.

5.05 No Place Like Home
"You guys have a book club?"
"What? What?!" | with text
Dawn doesn't like to get pushed around.
Buffy strokes Dawn's hair.

5.07 Fool For Love
"Who's the man?" "You are a short annoying man." | with text
Cross my heart.
"Cool! I mean, gross." | with text
Buffy strokes Dawn's hair.

5.08 Shadow
Buffy & Dawn are waiting for Joyce.
Dawn plays with her hair.
Dawn screams.

5.09 Listening to Fear
Dawn strokes Joyce's hair.
Dawn tries to block Joyce out.

5.11 Triangle
Dawn overhears something.

5.12 Checkpoint
"What do you think?" "Mostly I think 'eww'." | with text
That awkward moment when your mother is watching Passions with a vampire.

5.13 Blood Ties
Dawn slams her bedroom door.
Dawn starts to put the pieces together.
That awkward moment when you find out that you're a mystical key made of energy that's being hunted for by a crazed hell-god.
Dawn reads her diaries.
Dawn doesn't like what she hears.
Dawn slams her bedroom door, again.
Dawn tears her room up.
Dawn tears her diaries up.
Dawn steps up.
"No. No. No."
Ben. Is. Glory.
Buffy hugs Dawn.
Dawn hugs Buffy.

5.14 Crush
Dawn is less than convinced.

5.16 The Body
Dawn turns around.

5.17 Forever
That guy's got a tail.
Buffy slaps Dawn.
Dawn listens to Buffy.
The writers of this show tear out my heart and stomp it into the ground.

5.18 Intervention
"Weird love is better than no love." | with text.

5.19 Tough Love
"What? What am I doing wrong now?!" | with text

5.20 Spiral
"Wham! Hell-bitch in orbit! | with text
"At least things can't get any crazier. Right?" "You know this is your fault for saying that." | with text

5.21 The Weight of the World
"I wanna go home." | with text

5.22 The Gift
Dawn is shocked.
Dawn cries.

6.01-02 Bargaining
Dawn smiles.
Dawn hugs Giles
Dawn runs after Buffy.
Dawn hugs Buffy.

6.03 Afterlife
"Ew." | with text
"Idiot!" | with text
Breathing fire.
Dawn hugs Buffy.

6.04 Flooded
Dawn's 'so there!' face.
"That's a weird place for a horn. That's not a horn." | with text

6.06 All the Way
The dance of capitalist superiority.
"Here, have some money." | with text

6.07 Once More With Feeling
Dawn's lament.
Dawn wakes up.

6.08 Tabula Rasa
Dawn wakes up.
Buffy & Dawn hug.

6.10 Wrecked
Dawn slaps Willow.

6.12 Doublemeat Palace
Dawn thinks you're weird.

6.14 Older & Far Away
The party is going well.
Dawn is annoyed that everyone wants to leave.
"Get out! Get out! Getout! | with text
"It doesn't change the fact that this girl was in pain, and none of you could hear it. I could hear her crying out everywhere I went in this town. It was unbearable. And none of you knew."

6.16 Hell's Bells
D'Hoffryn's gift.

6.19 Seeing Red
Dawn is excited.
"I love you guys! | with text

6.20 Villains
Buffy hugs Dawn.

6.21 Two to Go
Willow backs Dawn into a corner.

6.22 Grave
Dawn kicks ass. ♥

7.01 Lessons
"What." | with text

7.06 Him
Dawn falls off the bleachers.
The world's most awkward cheerleader.
Buffy isn't great with moral support.
Dawn dancing. | That awkward moment when you realise that it's Dawn dancing.
"I'm the pushy queen of slut town." | with text

7.12 Potential
Dawn is feeling left out.
Something smells.
Dawn gets hit with the spell.
Dawn realises what it means to be chosen.
"I'm chosen."
Xander comforts Dawn.

7.14 First Date
Holy Crap!" | with text

7.19 Empty Place
"Shut your mouth." | with text

7.22 Chosen
Dawn tazers Xander.
It's a Summers' thing.
Dawn & Buffy hug.