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2011-03-29 07:29 pm

[ profile] whedonland big bang part ii

97 x Dawn-related gifs + 20 alternates
(I may have gone overboard.)

exclamation point. exclamation point. exclamation point. )
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2011-03-23 11:11 am

things i've made recently

A bunch of stuff I made for gift exchanges.

10 x 30 Rock icons
4 x Supernatural icons
4 x wallpapers (The X-Files, Inception, 30 Rock, Buffy the Vampire Slayer)
4 x Arrested Development gifs
4 x Buffy the Vampire Slayer gifs
13 x The X-files gifs

Are you kidding me? This is the happiest I’ve been since the day I got my new nose! I’m not a Bluth! )
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2010-11-27 09:29 pm

even more gifs

I'm on a roll with these.

8 x Fear Itself +5 variations
5 x Beer Bad
1 x Wild at Heart

'It's a sombrero.' 'And it's on your head.' )
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2010-11-25 08:42 pm

more gifs

More gifs, this time 7 (+4 variations) from Living Conditions & 5 from Harsh Light of Day

Kathy's evil. I'm an evil fighter. It's simple... I'm gonna have to kill her. )
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2010-11-06 11:19 am

gif time

Here's a whole bunch of random Buffy & Angel gifs I've made over the last couple of months.

I know my rights and I wanna see a lawyer. )
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2010-05-08 01:32 pm
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2010-04-04 09:40 pm
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2010-03-28 07:04 pm
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2009-12-20 05:35 pm
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2009-12-20 05:27 pm
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2009-12-20 05:19 pm
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2009-12-20 05:12 pm

buffy gifs part iv

I'm almost finished with season 3. Only 5 more episodes to go! I'm splitting these into four posts, there are quite a few.

This is the part that's less fun. When there isn't any screaming. )
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2009-10-11 11:12 am
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2009-10-11 11:04 am
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2009-10-11 10:58 am

buffy gifs part i

I'd hoped to post these yesterday, but photobucket was being ridiculous. I'm splitting them into three posts as well, because there's an awful lot. These are all from season two & three, & I'm nowhere near finished. :)
As always, please upload to your own gallery.

P.S. They're not in any particular order. I am lazy.

'Besides, I look cute in a tiara.' )
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2009-09-14 03:59 pm
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So, I've pretty much finished all the Smallville gifs I wanted to do (I'm moving on to Buffy next, it should help lower my blood pressure!). But I'm going to open this post up for requests. If there's any small moment you want in gif form (seasons 1-5 only, they're the only DVDs I own), leave a comment & I'll make it up for you.

i am officially done )