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Day 12: Least Favourite Episode
Empty Places. This episode. This fucking episode. Congrats on making me hate just about everyone except Buffy in this episode, writers! The whole thing felt like such a stupid, lazy way to separate Buffy from the group. This girl has been saving the world & protecting your asses for the last seven years & after one bad fight you're suddenly all so willing to give up on her? Whatever. People in that final scene who can go DIAF: Kennedy, Anya, Willow, Giles, Dawn, Rona. Xander I'll forgive - dude just lost an eye. Faith actually brought up some legitimate arguments so I'll let her off with a badly stubbed toe. This episode always makes me rage-y. Although I love that Buffy is proved right in the following episodes. Oh, and FYI Anya, Buffy is better than you - that's why you're dead now!

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Day 30: What You Think Made Buffy So Great
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