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Title "I never..."
Rating PG
Pairing Connor/Dawn
Word Count 429
Prompt Dawn/Connor, a drinking contest to cover up the sorrows
Notes Post-season 7 Buffy & season 5 Angel, disregards comics canon. This is the dish I refer to in the story.

The stars twinkled & blurred in the night sky; she was definitely a little buzzed. Dawn wasn't sure whose idea it had been to hike out to the Dish at two in the morning, but sitting under it's spider-webbed frame, she thought it was a great idea.

Connor took another swig from the bottle & wiped the lip before handing it back to her. "Your turn."

She thinks it's chivalrous, if a little pointless, that he cleans the bottle before giving it back to her each time.

"Okay," she grabbed the bottle & thought for a moment. "Uhh... I never... tried to resurrect my dead mother."

She took a swig & was unable to fight the urge to screw up her face as the alcohol burned it's way down her throat. "Blech," she passed the bottle back.

This wasn't the right way to play the game, but it's just the two of them & there's no way they'd be able to get half-cut if they played it normally.

"Your mom, huh?" he considered her for a moment.

She refused to look up & shrugged her shoulders, "It didn't work out."

He nodded, then raised the bottle. "I never slept with my surrogate mom."

"Wait- What?!" Dawn gaped at him as he chugged back a significant portion of the bottle. She quickly grabbed the bottle out of his hand before he could drink it all. "Seriously?"

"Fate is a bitch," he leaned back against the metal frame holding up the dish. "I was a pawn in a demon-god's game, if that helps at all."

Dawn hugged the bottle close to her chest & smiled wryly, "It does, actually."

Contemplating the bottle in her hand, she decided it was time to say it. "I never turned my back on my sister."

She took a sip, but her heart wasn't in it now. She felt tired, homesick & just a little bit queasy.

Connor snagged the bottle again. "I never belonged," he sighed & tossed the bottle out into the darkness.

Before she knew it, Connor had pulled her into his arms & hugged her. Dawn sighed & rested her head on his shoulder.

She'd agreed to the night of drinking hoping for some kind of catharsis by the end of it. She still felt guilty, scared & a little angry, but not so alone now. She felt him press his lips against her forehead & then pull back.

"I don't know about you, but I could really go for a breakfast burrito right about now."

Dawn laughed & took his hand.
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