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Original Fic by [ profile] duh_i_read
Fandom: Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Rating: PG
Pairing: Buffy/Faith
Continuity: Post S7, pre-comics.
Word Count: 718

For the longest time she thought it was Spike.

Faith watched Buffy as she filled her thermos with coffee. Rich & black, the aroma of it was enticing & made her crave a cigarette. Of course, that was not allowed, at least not in Giles' house. Two teaspoons of sugar & a sprinkle of nutmeg from the spice rack above the sink - she's watched Buffy make her coffee every night for the last two months.

It could be that she misses her friends. Willow & Xander were out spreading the word, gathering more Slayers into the fold. As it was, the house was almost bursting with the arrival of half-a-dozen more girls looking for guidance.

Screwing the lid on her thermos, Buffy turned to Faith. "Ready?"

"Let's roll."

Buffy still hasn't deemed any of the girls in the house ready for patrol yet. Faith catches a glimpse of them gathered in what Giles called the reception room. Nine girls (well, ten if you included Dawn) were hunkered down in front of the tv, ready to continue their perpetual slumber party. Giles was mostly likely hiding in his study, writing in his journal. He'd become almost obsessed with recording every detail of their lives, no doubt for posterity.

Dawn spotted them in the doorway & waved with a hopeful smile. Buffy returned it with a wave of her own & a grin that looked more like a grimace. Faith nodded her head at the girl, a little confused at their interaction. The two sisters were closer than ever since the end of Sunnydale, she's not sure why there was distance between them tonight.

Most nights they borrow Giles' car and cruise around nearby cemeteries. Tonight they walked along the quiet streets of their new neighbourhood. A girl had been found that morning.

Buffy is quiet. Faith now attributes it to a number of factors: Spike, loneliness, guilt for the little girl (four years old & clutching a porcelain doll), whatever argument she was having with Dawn, & oh yeah, her own presence. Faith, the bad Slayer.

She sometimes wonders if Buffy sees her as a constant reminder of her worst moments. A dead man in a stinking alley. A hole in her gut. The smell of blood & something else, something she's sure is just as vital for living. She's caught Buffy staring sometimes. The exact spot were the knife slid in. It had shocked her how fast it happened, the pain had been secondary. Despite her Slayer healing, the scar on her abdomen will never fade completely, Faith's kind of glad about that.

They patrolled the streets in silence, something that made Faith feel more and more antsy. She wants to have it out, to needle Buffy until she can't help but let loose. Her continual cold shoulder routine had worn thin almost a week ago.

It's 2 in the morning & Buffy was perched on a low brick fence, sipping her coffee. Faith stood slightly downwind watching her drink, cigarette in hand. She could tell Buffy wanted to say something; her fingers twitched & she kept changing her sitting position.

"What?" Buffy glared at her.

"What?" Faith mimicked insincerely.

"You've been pretty quiet all night," Buffy huffed as she put the cup back on her thermos.

"Just taking your lead, boss," Faith flicked the butt of her cigarette into the gutter, ignoring Buffy's expression of disgust. "Something you want to talk about?"

Buffy approached her with an almost inscrutable look on her face, as if she were coming to a decision. Faith tensed, as Buffy moved closer. This was it, the moment she'd expected (dreaded? hoped?). She'd open with a right hook, Faith would duck, take Buffy's feet out from under her.

Instead Buffy raised her left hand & slowly, deliberately, placed it on Faith's cheek. She found herself surprisingly short of breath as Buffy inched closer, invading her space completely. When Buffy lips touched her own she wasn't sure what to expect. It wasn't magical, fireworks exploding, amazing. It was nice. She opened her mouth to deepen the kiss and tasted coffee. The bitterness leavened by two sugars & a sprinkle of nutmeg. Okay, now it was kind of awesome.

A moment later, Buffy pulled back & scrunched her nose up, "You taste like cigarettes."
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