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Feb. 18th, 2010 11:23 pm
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I Was Made For You: A Dawn/Connor Fanmix
Fandom: Buffy The Vampire Slayer/Angel
Subject: Dawn Summers/Connor Reilly
Title: I Was Made For You
Notes: I really wanted to challenge myself with this album - to make it happy & sweet without going too twee. In my personal canon Dawn & Connor meet at university, hit it off & live happily ever after together. If any two kids deserve a happy ending it's these two.

01. Da Da Da Da - Martina Topley-Bird

02. Brand New Start - Little Joy
All this time they had me thinking
Love's a boat that's slowly sinking
But you made the claim
Taking chances, embracing the change
I count my blessings knowing you will take me home

03. Holding Hands, Feeding Ducks - The Brunettes
holding hands, feeding ducks
when I met you
that's what I wanted to do

04. I Was Made For You - She & Him
'Cause I have been waitin' for a long, long time
For a boy like you
I won't be waitin' any more cause I know
Baby, baby
I was made for you

05. Hold Nothing Back - Copeland
If you fall in love
Fall in love and hold nothing back
I'll fall in love
Fall in love and hold nothing back from you

06. I Want Her, She Wants Me - The Zombies
And now she knows she doesn't have to worry
I would not make her sorry
There's nothing on my mind
And life seems kind
Now, I want her she wants me

07. Birthday - The Bird & The Bee
Who knows your limit?
Who knows your highest?
Who knows your lowest?
Who knows your end?
Who knows the bottom?
The bottom of your heart

08. Oh Girl - Cut Off Your Hands
Oh girl,
Can you come over to my house?
Oh we can do things that we’ve never done,
We can just talk it can be such fun.

09. I Love You - The Pipettes
But I love you
Oh I love you
And I will love you
'Till the day I die
There will never be a time when we have to say good-bye

10. The Apple Tree - Peter & the Wolf
How lucky to be so unusually free
You and me under the apple tree

Download the whole thing.



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